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Podcast/New Radio

This is my first Ever Podcast that gives you some News, Sports, and Weather updates. I am excited to share with you all and hope you guys enjoy this podcast. what I've learned with doing this podcast is that it is very time consuming and you have to figure out when is the right time... Continue Reading →

Spaghetti [] Here you will see Nikki Givens in my new youtube video where she shows her cooking skills by making her favorite dish Spaghetti and explains why she choose this recipe. And how she got into cooking for her family. Ms. Givens is also an Accountant she first started her accounting Job in Dallas... Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect??

Listen to my Interview with Kevin Driggs. The head women's Soccer Coach at St. Mary's University as he talks about. Him fall in love with game of soccer, Transitioning on becoming a new head coach and how he can improve the women's team for a better up coming season in the spring of 2021 due... Continue Reading →

COVID Cruise

Sarah Lugo Sarah Lugo is a junior Communications major at St. Mary's University. She is a native of San Antonio who at first was shy about speaking to large groups but since taking classes at St.Mary's University she has learned to be confident in public speaking. One thing that she wishes she could have done... Continue Reading →

About me

Alexis Lawrence is a senior at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, majoring in communications with a cumulative 3.0 GPA. She earned her associate of arts degree from Richland College, in Dallas, after attending Texas Women’s University for her freshman year. Lawrence, a native of Mesquite, developed a passion for soccer as a youth... Continue Reading →

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